featuring the ambient and electronic music of phil herschel

about us:

     TodaysMusic.com was founded in 1999 by Phil and Clint Herschel. We are an independent music studio featuring the Ambient, and Electronica music of New Age keyboardist, Phil Herschel.  TodaysMusic.com incorporated in January of 2002 to form TodaysMusic, Inc.  Throughout 2001 - 2012 our business also included e-commerce sales of a variety of consumer electronic items.  As of 2012, the business continues to encompass music recording, promotion, and distribution.


     TodaysMusic is located on Florida's Gulf Coast, south of the Tampa Bay area. November 2020 marked our twenty-first year in business.

about the artists:

     Phil Herschel began playing piano at the age of 17. Early on, he composed his own piano compositions, playing strictly from memory. Since then, Phil's interest has expanded from the piano to include instrumental keyboards, and synthesized instrumentation.


     Phil's style of play is best described as a "healthy dose of snappy, catchy melodies, and rhythms." (WIND and WIRE publications). Phil's first album, entitled It's a Good Day, was inspired from praise, and comments from many people requesting copies of the compositions. It's a Good Day contains soft, and relaxing instrumentals, such as the solo piano piece "Until Tomorrow".  The release of Phil's 2nd instrumental album, Grand Entrance, contains upbeat instrumental music, and is quite contrasting to his first CD It's a Good Day.

     Get Ready is bold, and stronger in tempo with a mix of catchy melodies, rhythmic beats, and exciting instrumentals. The ensemble like piece, "Open Valley" contains a moving melody of strings, and guitar, with bass guitar and soft drums serving as the background.


     Glory contains fifteen tracks designed to inspire, uplift, and encourage.  Listen to the free samples today from all four albums.

Clint Herschel

     Clint Herschel began playing music with the piano at the age of 8. He is the son of musician Phil Herschel. From an early age Clint has expressed a strong interest in the famous classical composers of the past. Clint studied classical music under the direction of Dr. Olga Kuehl-White, who has been the sole-performer in numerous concerts world wide, and the famous New York Carnegie Hall.  Clint competed annually in the Music Federation, which was a judged event. He has received the highest ratings possible, for seven years straight.

     Clint received his bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of South Florida in 2007.  He also studied Marketing, and Information Systems.  Throughout 2001 - 2012, Clint managed the e-commerce side of the business's consumer electronics sales.  This included order fulfillment, customer service, and business management.  Since then, he has become an independent consultant, as well as involved in medical supply sales for the Ophthalmic industry.